Double cartridges depilatory heater Pink

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1. 40W Large power, double sided heating, fast wax melting speed.
2. The base and wax machine can be disassembled for easy use and cleaning.
3. Independent double switches, can be heated at the same time or alone.
4. Good effect for hair removal, no harm and no stimulation to skin surface.
5. Double side heating, fast wax melting speed, convenient and easy to use.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Wax Heater
Material: ABS Color: Pink
Capacity: 100ml x 2
Voltage: AC220V/50Hz, 110/60hz
Power: 40W
Method of use
1. Connect the power supply
2. Load wax strip and heating to liquid state
3. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth
4. Apply hair removal paper and smoothing it back and forth
5. Reverse the direction of hair growth, quickly tear off the hair removal paper
6. Cleaning your skin

Package List:

1 x Base 2 x Wax Heater 1 x Manual


This product can not be used alone. It should be used with standard hair removal wax, hair removal wax paper and hair removal cleaning liquid.


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