Russian Almond Tips (for Poly gel)

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Best Choice for nail salons, nail technicians, DIY nail art learner at home, and wonderful gift for family & friends. Reusable tips.

Application Instructions:
1. Pick your correct nail tip that fits your size.
2. Prep nails well, cuticles pushed back, clean with alcohol, & *optional* apply nail bonder.
•With Nail: glue over the entire nail bed. Press on and hold firmly 5sec.
•With Gel: apply gel soak-off base coat on the natural nail bed, slowly wiggle and push nail tip in to meet the cuticle area. Make sure the nail tip is straight and has even contact with the gel base and remove air bubbles. Hold the tip, cure in UV/LED lamp until set.
3. Prep nail tips before applying base cost, nail polish, and topcoat.

Many Advantages:
• Perfect to use with our waterslide decals, you can add nail art decoration and be creative
• Time-saving
• Fashion statement
• Enjoy beautiful nails up to 2 weeks.
• Easy applicable and removable
• Versatile in sizes and designs
• Suitable use as nail extension with gel, acrylic, &, etc
• Thin and soft cuticle area, wear them all day with comfort.


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