Tattoo machine (wireless)

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Machine weight: 176g

Battery weight: 37.4g


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Detailed description

It is our first state of the art wireless machine! It’s equipped with 2 batteries, which can be used alternately.

The capacity of WE Tattoo Machine’s power battery is 900mAh. A battery can be used for 3.5-9 hours. The energy efficiency of each battery is as high as 85%. It’s usage rate is greater than other batteries, the charging time of each battery is 1.5 hours.

WE Tattoo Machine is the shortest drive have been designed so far and it’s not a direct drive. This means that it can be suitable for various tattoo effects and it’s own vibration will be lower than other other machines. Stroke: 3.5mm

WE Tattoo Machine currently uses the motor “WE”, which has extremely low energy consumption and is more energy saving, which is in line with the “WE” green concept of the same earth.


  • 1 machine
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 professional manual
  • 1 type – C cord


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