Anaesthetic gel TAG#45

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The most popular numbing gel in the industry – Tag 45. Tag 45’s specialty is its use for numbing during the procedure on the skin that has been broken into already.

There are 2 types of numbing agents in Permanent Makeup.

Pre-Numb and During Procedure Numb

Pre-Numb is normally a cream based anesthetic and used before the application to help numb before the initial microblading stroke or pen work (ombre).

After the initial cut into the skin, we switch over to use a gel formula such as Tag 45 to fully numb the client so that their procedure is endurable.

Tag 45 also controls blood flow and swelling if client has any issues during the procedure.

Tag 45 can be used for both microblading and needle work with a tattoo machine.

4% Lidocaine and .04mg Epinephrine, 1 Fl Oz per bottle

Our Tag 45 is an authentic sealed bottled. Check for the trade mark “4 Dot Logo” to verify its authenticity.



Store above 0°C and below 30°C.

Keep out of reach children.

Cap tube tightly when not in use.


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