Permanent Makeup tattoo needle 3RL

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QUELLE Permanent Makeup tattoo needle


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This needle recommended for wireless tattoo machine.

QUELLE Permanent Makeup tattoo needle cartridges round liner orange sterilized safe single needles suitable for tattoo pen gun.

QUELLE EN02Q Girl Orange Embroidered Silicone Needle 1RL 3RL Permanent Makeup Round Liner

1. The cartridge shell is made of high-quality medical grade plastic.

2. One-time packaging Each PMU cartridge is sterile packaging.

3. The integrated needle system with precision tip ensures the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

4. This cartridge series has a unique system of stabilizing ultra-sharp needles to ensure its durability and strength.

5. The low-pressure diaphragm reduces the stress of the motor and prevents the ink from flowing back.

6. The tip also has a slender contour, which can enhance your vision.

7. The sturdy ink cartridge is transparent: it allows you to see the ink flow and make small adjustments when tattooing.

Packing includes: 10pcs


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