Gel Secrets Seminar

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Seminar that was asked for every day is finally here!

Different techniques come together where extensions and painting come into beautiful color play combination. It’s a seminar of bright colors and not boring regular ombré and french that everyone is tired of.

Kill your completion and stay up to speed with the latest trends!


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Detailed description

Lear easy designs with techniques that no one knows about.

You will get information on all types of art gels from macaroon gels to 3D gels and specifics of working with it.

Gel extensions will also be explained, you are saving big as gel extension course alone is over R4000!

Don’t miss out on opportunity to join this unique seminar and learn not only gel extensions on tips and forms but also gel art!


You will have one month to complete the course, if you require additional time you can extend your access for an other month at 50% of the course cost.


  • If you wish to receive a certificate after course completion, you will be required to complete all homework prescribed, take a clear image of it on a plain white paper in good lighting, no logos or products present in the picture.
  • All homework must be send in order it is given.
PLEASE NOTE: if you are an educator, you have to buy this course in the educator format.This will allow you to use the methods and techniques learned in these courses to teach others.Please note this does not allow you to be QD/Alina Fox educator, this would be a different category course.


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