«Top Master» (refresh acrylic) online course

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This course is for nail technicians that have completed their beginner course and are looking to update their skills or move to our products.



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This course will blow your mind with the latest technology. If you struggle with French, after the course you will love French. You will learn the ombre technique and how to leave it perfectly smooth. You will learn to correctly refill, rather than removing all product each time. This will save you a great deal of time and will make your techniques more professional. Shapes that you have previously struggled with will be mastered. You will learn quick form application for sculpting nails and tip application. That will last for a longer period of time.

In order to apply for the course you need a kit. You can either buy the kit from us or use your own products (must be the same products listed below)

You will need to bring your own E-file machine and acrylic brush #12 or #14.

KIT (R2650):

  • Prep
  • Primer
  • 50 g cover pink acrylic
  • 50 g cover clear acrylic
  • 1 color acrylic
  • 1 milky acrylic
  • 1 monomer 250g
  • 1 box easy coffin
  • 1 Glue
  • 100 forms
  • 2 file
  • 1 glitter
  • 1 cuticles oil
  • Wooden pusher
  • Top coat
  • Base coat



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