Smart Start International (online beginners gel course)

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If you dream of becoming nail technician, but you dislike the smell of monomer and don’t want to work with acrylic, we have a course just right for you!

For the first time legendary Smart Start International course is now available with gel sculpting!

Access to course is 6 months.

This option INCLUDES KIT.

We focus on the latest techniques and technology used in Russia, as well as all over the globe. We make it our mission to stay on top of all the best and latest trends to offer you the best training in the world.

The Smart Start Course offers you an International qualification in gel system.

This will enable you to feel comfortable and ensure that you know what you are doing. You will be taught the best application techniques, proper and correct filing and of course sculpting correctly.

Training includes:

  • nail anatomy and nail structure
  • hygiene, sanitizing and disinfecting (in a salon, at home or a mobile technician).
  • e-file manicure & pedicure
  • health and safety
  • nail disorders and diseases
  • business skills, social media management & photography
  • product knowledge and formulation
  • nail preparation
  • form placement for different shapes
  • reversed forms
  • product ratio and application
  • correct use of tools
  • builder gel sculpting
  • mouse gel application
  • polygel sculpting
  • bb cream/ rubber base manicure
  • extensions with tips, reverse forms
  • specifics of working with gels
  • gel polish application
  • correct filling techniques for different shapes
  • refills
  • Ombre, French, colour ombre, glitter ombre and natural looking nails.
  • application of coffin tips
  • how to use both right and left hands for application.

KIT includes:

  • practice fingers
  • acrylic gel glide liquid
  • glass dish
  • wooden pushers
  • nail file 100/180
  • nail file 240/240
  • nail prep(step1)
  • primer(step2)
  • bb cream clear rubber base
  • bb cream base #21
  • bb cream base #23
  • shiny top coat
  • Fox Profi gel polish #4
  • Fox Profi gel polish #6
  • hand sanitizer
  • nail brush(for ducting)
  • multi tool gel brush
  • QD painting brush #1
  • flat oval gel brush #6
  • white makeup gel
  • nude makeup gel #002
  • moon makeup gel #7
  • builder gel #100
  • bubble gum builder gel #205
  • mousse gel #10
  • stamping gel white
  • matrix gel
  • metal mixing palette
  • mini UV/LED lamp
  • cuticle oil
  • 100 forms
  • easy gel tips (Russian forms)
  • easy gel tips (almond-stiletto)
  • easy gel tips (oval)
  • vip glitter
  • printed manual

Additional items you will need:

  • UV/LED lamp
  • nail drill machine
  • nail drill bits
  • cuticle scissors
  • practice hand (optional)

Course options:

•R14350 – at academy with 1 week access to online course on completion

•R13850 – online with kit

•R8200 – online no kit

You can start working with confidence straight after the course!


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