Makeup Gel (Polygel)

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Our New and Exciting Makeup gel Training Course

Designed for an online format. Once you have learned how to work with makeup gel you can start using it on the same day with your clients. It is perfect for any nail technician who works at a salon, at home or is a mobile technician. Polygel is a breakthrough formula fusion between builder gel and acrylic powder. That is tailored to create a durable, light wearing and an extremely natural looking nail creation. This is a revolutionary invention in the nail industry for those of you looking for a product with no heat spikes, odourless and with significantly less dust during it’s removal. There are no monomers, no mixing, and no ratios needed! It’s extremely mouldable and easy to use. It also enables nail technicians to apply it in a short period of time. This outstanding formula allows you to manipulate it easily into the desired shape and work in your own time. It will not move, it will not set until you are ready to cure it. A nail technicians dreams come true! What’s not too love? This course will take you through the application procedure, ‘French Pink and White’ techniques, sculpting with forms and maintenance procedure, including aftercare advice.

Products needed:

-Makeup gel

-Makeup liquid

-Oval brush

-Metallic spatula



-Files and brushes



-Plastic clips

-LED lamp

-Top coat.


SIGN UP I look forward to meeting you! This course provides both experienced nail technicians and anyone who would like to learn: New technology. Cannot work with acrylic due to its smell. Has a hard time working with hard gals and cannot stand the dust that comes with gel. Wants to keep up to date with all the latest technology. Care about you and your clients health and protection. Makeup is the future of the nail industry

Please note ?If you are an educator, you have to buy this course in the educator format. This will allow you to use the methods and techniques learned in these courses to teach others. Please note this does not allow you to be my educator. To be my educator is another category.


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