One Stroke Course Level 1

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One stroke is a very unique technique.

From one stroke of your brush you can, in a few seconds make exclusive designs with highlights, shadow and bleach, if you know the correct technique of course.



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Detailed description

There are many options for this technique, when you see online videos with one stroke painting and you try to do it yourself, you understand it is not an easy technique.

In this technique it’s important that you understand the system.

This course will help you to understand how it works, which brush to use and what paint to use.

Difficult designs will start to become easier for you.

It is very exclusive for your clients.

Gives you the option to also decorate other items such as shoes or dishes. It gives you the chance to win not only local but international competitions.

In the program you will learn how to mix colours, perform different strokes, how to choose the right paint for you, how to make perfect colours and different elements to practice. When you understand and learn the technique you will find this course to be very beneficial and enjoyable.

What you require:

  • QD 7mm brush
  • one stroke brush #00
  • one stroke brush #2
  • one stroke brush #4
  • gel paint with high pigment recommended is zhostovo range from QD
  • Matte top coat non sticky
  • Black and white gel paint
  • Dark colours for background for example black, burgundy, dark blue etc.
  • Uv lamp
  • Top coat
  • Cleanser with no acetone
  • Palette for mixing colours or a piece of foil
  • One black piece of paper

At the end of the course, you will need to send a picture of all tips on one white piece of paper with good light to get your certificate. The course must be completed within two months.


You will have two months to complete the course, if you require additional time you can extend your access for an other two month at 50% of the course cost.


  • If you wish to receive a certificate after course completion, you will be required to complete all homework prescribed, take a clear image of it on a plain white paper in good lighting, no logos or products present in the picture.
  • All homework must be send in order it is given.
PLEASE NOTE: if you are an educator, you have to buy this course in the educator format.This will allow you to use the methods and techniques learned in these courses to teach others.Please note this does not allow you to be QD/Alina Fox educator, this would be a different category course.


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