Aquarelle Course Level 1

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You will learn how to take large pictures and condense them to fit on to a nail.

We use water colours to create a marble design and flowers with shading. That will give the design a realistic effect.

It is a time-saver as it allows technicians to complete it in a short period of time.

You do not have to be very artistic to use aquarelle. Any complicated designs will be easily learned.

After this course is completed you can apply for more complex courses like animals and human faces.

It is important to know how to correctly use the technique to ensure it lasts long on the nails.

I look forward to sharing this technique with you.


You will have two months to complete the course, if you require additional time you can extend your access for an other two month at 50% of the course cost.


  • If you wish to receive a certificate after course completion, you will be required to complete all homework prescribed, take a clear image of it on a plain white paper in good lighting, no logos or products present in the picture.
  • All homework must be send in order it is given.

What you will need:

  • Tips holder and pre-stick
  • Aquarelle ( recommended handmade>>)
  • Water and a cup
  • White gel polish
  • Matt top coat
  • Wooden painting brushes #00 and #2
  • Liner gel brush #7 or #000
  • Gel polish black and white
  • Rhinestones, small size
  • Stone glue gel or thick base coat
  • Shiny top coat
  • UV/LED nail lamp
PLEASE NOTE: if you are an educator, you have to buy this course in the educator format.This will allow you to use the methods and techniques learned in these courses to teach others.Please note this does not allow you to be QD/Alina Fox educator, this would be a different category course.


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