3D Gel Course Level 1

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Perfect for someone who does not work in a salon or is a nail tech for many years.

You do not need specific skills to do this course.


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Is a great option for both beginners and those experienced within the industry. It provides technicians with an opportunity to be creative and it is also very comfortable on nails and is durable. 3D gel does bot change colour and does not react to weather changes. This course is perfect for nail technicians who have dreamt of doing nail art, but have not because of the smell of monomer that comes from acrylic.

Now have the option, through the course, to use gel in order to construct nail art without any smell. You will learn to make a flat nail art and 3D nail art.

At the end of the course you will have the option of decorating either a ring, pen or any object of your choosing.


What you will learn:

  • You will learn which materials are appropriate for you.
  • How to correctly find the best background for your designs.
  • How to save time when sculpting.
  •  How to make the correct shadow and bleach and how to composition in the right position.
  • Learn technique
  • We will also play around with micro beads/nail caviar and stones with fatback and pointy back.


You will have two months to complete the course, if you require additional time you can extend your access for an other two month at 50% of the course cost.


  • If you wish to receive a certificate after course completion, you will be required to complete all homework prescribed, take a clear image of it on a plain white paper in good lighting, no logos or products present in the picture.
  • All homework must be send in order it is given.
PLEASE NOTE: if you are an educator, you have to buy this course in the educator format.This will allow you to use the methods and techniques learned in these courses to teach others.Please note this does not allow you to be QD/Alina Fox educator, this would be a different category course.


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