E-FILE manicure & pedicure

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Detailed description

This educational training program is intensive, hands on training on full efile manicure and pedicure.

Each student will learn about the efile machine and how to correctly use, its capabilities and purpose. All types of bits and burs will be covered, their purposes and uses. How to disinfect and clean properly. Different techniques for using Efile will also be taught. Skin structure and thickness will be explained. Preparing before refill will also be covered. Safe cuticle removal for Russian manicure will be shown and taught. Quick salon design will also be covered. Students will be instructed in putting together a price list for work carried out with Efile.

The requirements for this training program are below:

  • Your own Efile, bits and burs, this is required for completion of homework
  • Model for homework (you can use your own hand as well)


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