QD educator (all acrylic technology)

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This course is for nail technicians that have 2+ years experience in the industry (photo evidence is required)

This course will teach you how to share your experience with students, which program and teaching methods to choose to maximise effectiveness of the teaching process and many other secrets of nail industry.

Course includes:

  • Practical work which will be assessed via photo reports
  • Theory on opening your own academy (copyright course based on 10 years of experience in teaching nail industry)
  • All business project secrets and program techniques
  • Full online course for beginners
  • Manual book
  • training mats and certificates

You will receive a long term support and consultations even after course and internationally accredited certificate with the right to teach courses that you have chosen, as well as issuing named certificates.

Course program:

  • How to open nail technician school? Legal side of business (teaching permissions)
  • Homework assessments
  • Issuing certificates
  • Setup and preparation to open your own school
  • Necessary equipment and budget
  • Training system options
  • Learning technique “from scratch” (step by step program plan)
  • Correct program and plans drafting
  • Advertising and promoting (websites)
  • Social media management (Instagram account, business page, content)

After you complete your studies, we will courier 2 hard copies of your certificate.

Course benefits:

  • Copyrighted method of teaching technique based on 10 years of experience
  • Supportive and uplifting teacher
  • Comfortable learning conditions (training takes place in the form of online lectures, which gives you opportunity to study from your favourite couch and at best suited time for you)
  • Result based focus on main subjects: school organisation, teaching techniques and knowledge)
  • Price policy
  • Where and how to find students
  • Certificate will indicate the teaching rights in technique of your choice
  • Certificate will give you right to use any product you decide to teach with
  • You will not need to extend or pay yearly fees to stay QD educator, you will become independent educator in technique you have chosen
  • You can start sales cooperation with our brand at any point in time if you wish
  • Possibility to combine learning process without sacrificing your main work

Becoming a nail technician educator is a first step to your successful career! Nail technicians are in high demand at the moment. this sector of beauty industry is constantly developing and competition is high, thats why nail technicians are constantly looking to upgrade their skills. All of that is positively impacting educational sector.

Refresher curses and courses for beginner have become very advantageous business. If you want to open up your teaching potential, take your career to the next level and discover new ways of earning and income, then becoming a beginner’s nail technician educator is the right choice for you!



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