Instructor’s course: One Stroke

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Level 1, 2 , gel


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Detailed description

PLEASE NOTE: to apply for this course you need to have minimum 2 years of nail technician experience.

In-depth program focused to give you maximum knowledge on completion.

Course consists of:

  • using flat brush – the most interesting and difficult technique – one stroke technique
  • 3 days practical training for techs that want to focus on mastering this technique and start teaching it with confidence
  • practical, psychological and many other techniques of one stroke drawing and opening of new horizons

As developer and instructor over 20 courses in nail industry, Alina is a huge fan of One Stroke technique and this training is aimed on realisation on what an amazing technique it is.

Alina’s main goal is to give all her knowledge from the her to unleash your full potential.

Your benefits: you will be added to the instructor’s list and will always have support and consultations with our specialists, and ability to purchase our products at discounted rate. You will be doing practical work, that is partially included in level 3, phased development of your personal pallet with your compositions which will give you ready teaching portfolio on completion of the course. You will be prepared to be excellent educator not only technically, by learning detailed techniques using gel pants, but mentally as well. We will also inspire your confidence by telling your potential students about you on our web pages.

Program of the course mainly consists of flower techniques, as it is the most difficult one to learn, other designs will become easy. Only one stroke with the correct amount of paint on it is the key to successful design. To achieve this you will need to follow 14 rules at the same time. As we will work with miniature designs, the brush size will be as small as 3mm, and that’s why it’s so important to understand all details when it comes to one stroke technique.

Course objective is to learn to hold the brush correctly, to have the right pressure and turning of the brush, which is the most complicated! These are just 3 rules out 0f 24 we will be focusing on in this program.

Course program:

  • 14 rules for perfect creation of one stroke elements
  • hand position (practical exercises)
  • gel paint mixing for smooth transition (practical work)
  • painting methods with flat brush
  • fast painting techniques of different elements
  • painting of double layered flower with flat brush
  • creation of shades and volume
  • techniques to create sharp and expressive elements in design
  • specifics of painting fine details
  • characteristics of gel paints for different painting stages
  • popular designs, from easy to complicated





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