Instructor’s course: Gel Exclusive(BEGINNERS)

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Duration: over 20 hours (theory and demonstration)



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Detailed description

PLEASE NOTE: to apply for this course you need to have minimum 2 years of nail technician experience.

In this course we study salon techniques in recovery, strengthening and extension of natural nails using polygel and acrygel systems. Services of medium length nail extensions and strengthening is highly popular at the beauty salons, that’s why it is important for all nail technicians to know these techniques.

Course program includes the most important and useful knowledge that are needed for nail technicians.

This course is perfect for technicians that know how to strengthen the natural nail, but are not familiar with sculpting, as well those who completed other courses and would like to upgrade their skills and learn modern techniques of sculpting and strengthening the nails with polygel.


  • natural nail anatomy and structure
  • history of nail extensions
  • polygel capability
  • necessary materials
  • strengthening and extensions
  • comparison and material choice for nail strengthening
  • material science
  • material chemistry (what is polygel/acrygel made of)
  • choice, preparation brushes and instruments
  • architecture of artificial nails (strengthening and extensions)
  • specifics of natural nail strengthening with polygel
  • art techniques: natural and french
  • correct form installation
  • material layout for gel polish and for french
  • polygel nail pinching
  • filing outline for strengthening and extensions (square, oval, almond)
  • types of french coverage (materials and instruments needed)
  • manicure flowchart when working with strengthening and extensions
  • correction (fill in techniques) for extensions and strengthened nails
  • creating price lists
  • psychological work aspects

Practical work:

  • e-file
  • nail preparation
  • form installation
  • polygel pinching
  • techniques of working with a brush
  • repair techniques with polygel
  • repair of natural nail and reconstruction of broken edges
  • “mini nail” extensions (natural and french)
  • technique “1 hour nails”
  • filing outline for artificial nails
  • specifics of gel polish application
  • fill-in technique for polygel
  • polygel removal
  • price list making
  • psychological work aspects

What you will need:

  • UV/LED lamp
  • efile machine
  • drill bits (diamond one for sinus preparation and carbide for working with artificial materials)
  • nail prep
  • primer
  • wet wipes
  • polygels (clear, white, nude)
  • color gel polish
  • top coat
  • files 100/180, 240
  • accessories for nail designs
  • flat oval gel brush #6-8, or acrylic brush #8-10
  • flat square brush for designs
  • brush “hair” (light color synthetic brush)
  • sterile manicure instruments (cuticle scissors, cuticle nipper, pusher)
  • nail brush (for dusting)
  • nail tweezer for polygel nail pinching
  • 3 nail pegs for pinching (1 small metal one, 2 big ones: plastic and metal), this will be enough for learning process, for work you will need minimum 2 of each for 2 hands
  • nail clamps (1 for learning, 2 for work)
  • forms
  • scissors for cutting forms
  • face masks
  • disposable gloves
  • apron (optional)

All material you can purchase from our store. Upon completion of the course and practical work, you will receive Alina Fox studio certificate.

All videos are recorder in HD quality and in close-up!

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