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PLEASE NOTE: to apply for this course you need to have minimum 2 years of nail technician experience.

This course is for experienced nail technicians who want to upgrade their qualification and open their own nail school or salon. After completing the course and receiving a certificate, instructor will be able to teach according to our methods developed in FoxProfi nail innovations laboratories, and receive theoretical and practical knowledge which will assist in future success! We will share all our latest innovations!

You will receive lessons on courses , procedure charts, which you will be able to use to train your students. You will be supported in the process of establishing yourself as an educator. On completion of this course you will receive educator’s certificate and a professional development certificate. You will also receive a “Nail service specialist” certificate.

FoxProfi instructor will receive:

  • modernised knowledge in manicure
  • knowledge of modern materials, that was developed according to latest scientific research
  • new professional level
  • information support from FoxProfi

On completion of the course you will have opportunity to upgrade your knowledge on all FoxProfi listed courses free of charge in a course of the year.


  • introduction to FoxProfi technology
  • identifications of shortcoming in work and it’s elimination
  • assessments during the course
  • nail strengthening
  • nail plate leveling  (perfect glare)
  • nail plate reconstruction using healing systems of Foxprofi and QD nails
  • nail care using new line of BB cream soft gels
  • sculpting techniques with gel and polygel
  • e-file
  • newest technique on nail strengthening using fiberglass (slim and strong nails)
  • Uniform
  • branded stamps and certificates
  • discounts on all products



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