Instructor’s course: 3D gel (Level 1,2,3)

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Flowers, Fruits, Animals


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PLEASE NOTE: to apply for this course you need to have minimum 2 years of nail technician experience.
You will have access to pre recorded videos in HD format and close-up, with daily consultations. All practical work must be completed and examination must be passed, after which you will receive a certificate which will allow you to use these techniques for further training in your courses. Access to the course is unlimited, so you can be confident in teaching these techniques at your school.

Course objectives:

  • fantasy plasticine (real looking fruits, 3D painting)
  • plasticine flowers (flat sculpting and volume sculpting for beginners)
  • 3D gel floristic sculpting (lotus, hydrangea, peony, rose, lily). Tinting and strengthening flower techniques, thorn leaf technique
  • rainbow roses (roses only techniques, coloring techniques, mixing of the materials, bouquet making from pre made flowers)
  • ocean mix (sea shells, turtles, fishes)

About Instructor’s Courses:

All instructor’s courses are mainly in online format with pre-recorded videos, except first class. First lesson will have 2 options, depending on what suits you best:
– Online (live video lesson, for you to be able to ask questions straight away)
– Lesson at the academy
In the first lesson we will be working on important points that you need to consider, no matter what course specification you will select. This day will be focused on teaching techniques, how to teach and adapt to students, answering your questions and consultations in the future.
Next step is to fill in the questionnaire that will be sent to you via email. All information requested in a questionnaire is strictly confidential and will not be shared.
This form is purely for us to understand your background, experience and preferences so we can recommend courses best suited for you and will enable our team to recommend further actions to improve your business and if you’re are ready to become an educator. Form needs to be filled and sent back to us via email.
After you select which course you would like to teach, you will gain online access to the course with detailed description of your further actions and work techniques. After completing your lessons, you will need to complete practical work and send it back to us.
On successful completion, you will receive a certificate and we will develop a teaching plan for your first course.
All qualified educators and areas where they teach will be listed on our website, which will make it easier for students to find you.
Course prices will also be discussed to avoid very low or very high pricing, as it will negatively impact your and other’s business.
IMPORTANT: only 1 teacher of specific technique will be allowed per area.


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