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This course is not for beginners, it’s best for nail technicians (trained or self-thought) that want to up skill themselves in gel sculpting technology on polygel forms.

Course objectives:

  •  Learn to analyse what we waste time on and how can we save time.
  •  Step by step Algorithm for acceleration of your work-time
  •  High-Speed ​​modeling (hands-on lesson)
  •  Nail strengthening techniques (overlays)
  •  Ombré-Speed ​​modeling (hands-on lesson)
  •  Gel polish application using reverse forms
  •  Basic skills of working with E-file (nail drill)
  •  Learn specifics of working with all types of gels: polygel, mousse gel, builder gel, fiber gel, Gel polish, BB cream rubber base
  •  Work with fiber glass

Day one (theory & practice):

  •  Basic rules for nail extension
  •  Theory on the upper forms (how to work with them correctly and what are the techniques)
  •  Nail extensions and gel polish coating on the upper forms
  •  Nail extension with overlay
  •  Choosing brushes for work
  •  Quick overview of working with different gel products
  •  Speed ​​nail extension technique
  •  Correct filling technique
  •  Analysis of different nail shapes: square, soft square, almond, arched almond, pipe, ballerina

Day 2 (practical day):

  •  Ombre technique (color ombré and glitter ombré)
  •  Mistakes when using polygel for nail extensions
  • Attaching long nails – almonds
  • Work with fiber glass


Find out where you waste time in your work and how you can save it.

Understand the algorithm in your actions when sculpting.

You will work out the high-speed modeling technique for gel polish.

Find an extra 2 hours in day, even if you have a busy schedule right now.

Course includes a kit:

  • forms
  • makeup gel
  • mousse gel
  • glide liquid
  • wooden pusher
  • top coat

What you will need to bring:

  • Efile machine
  • files 100/180
  • prep
  • primer
  • base coat
  • glitter of your choice
  • red gel polish
  • gel brushes (liner 00 or 000, flat oval #6)
  • cuticle scissors

NOTE: You will be practicing on your own nails, so please make sure you remove all overlays prior to course. Course will run from 9am until 3pm for 2 days.


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