Nail stickers FL5014 Gold

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Can be used professionally and at home.

Add onto normal polish and finish with a top coat or with gel polish.

To use – cut out the decal that you want to use as close to the design as possible, soak it in water for around 30 seconds. Take the decal out of the water using tweezers and slide the decal off the backing paper and onto the nail. Then finish with a top coat. If the decal has gone over the edge of the nail use a brush to clean up the edges with acetone.


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Detailed description

Gorgeous design and detail on these self-adhesive words
Easy to apply ‘peel’ and ‘stick’.
Ensure nails are clean and dry before application.
Seal with a top coat or UV gel polish top coat.

How to use:
1. Select a design ad peel off (don’t touch the glue)
2. Place the design on nail/tip and rub it gently several times
3. Apply top coat for the best result

Do not apply stickers to sensitive skin.
Not recommended for little children.


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