UV Stamping gel 01 (black)

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UV/LED Stamping gel specifically designed for stamping nail art.


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Why We Don’t Recommend Regular Gel for Stamping.

Off the shelf nail polish simply does not hold well enough to the demands of stamping. Regular gel polish is too thin to show up when stamped.

Normal gel polish doesn’t air-dry so it tends to pool together. This is designed for self-levelling but not for tiny lines which will tend to smudge and slide into one another.

QD stamping gel is specifically formulated to work best when stamping. It is opaque, highly pigmented, and ideally thick. It is not made for full nail coverage but specifically for stamping.

How It Works

Once you apply your stamping image on the nail, the gel needs to be cured, exactly like gel polish.

You are not forced to rush your work as you would with normal nail polish as stamping gel will not air dry. You may scrape your plate as often as you desire.

It’s so thick and may be applied straight out of the tube. Consistency is more like a thick art gel.


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