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Detailed description

Add a load of sparkle to your clients nails, you can add a stunning glitter finish to your nail art masterworks. Looking for an unusual and decorative way to enhance your nails? Give Foxprofi glitter a go! It’s creative and bound to catch the eye to add both visual and tactile value. When using glitter to nails you add brilliance, shine, reflection, and bling!

This great bling nail art may be added to Gel Polishes, Builder Gels as well as Clear Acrylic Powder. Simply mix into the powder prior to application. Available in so many beautiful, shiny colours. You will certainly find just the right one for any design you have planned.

Foxprofi Glitter can be used for any occasion and is a great addition to your wedding nails. Guaranteed to add that special sparkle your clients will love it. This is a cosmetic grade glitter and is non-toxic, EU approved and solvent resistant. We stock a variety of nail glitters including holographic, metallic,  colour-shift and more! Wonderfully reflective glitters specifically for nail art. Our glitter ranges from super small fine glitters to larger chunky glitter.

Why choose Foxprofi glitter?

Foxprofi glitter products are laser cut to preserve their vivid colours and shine in a variety of shapes and colours. Sexy, best quality, professional nail art glitter an absolute must for all nail techs!

Our glitter is your super sparkly, nail art that may be used for endless designs!  This is going to allow you endless unique nail art combinations!

Glitter nails never go out of fashion! Whether it’s an ever-so-slight sparkle or a full-on bedazzlement, glitter nails will always have a place in our hearts and on our Instagram feed. For those special occasions though, glitter nails take on a whole new meaning.  We want everything to have a bit more sparkle and glam. If it’s blingy, we want it on our nails.

Glitter has an incredibly wide appeal and its popularity continues only to grow. We can decorate a wide variety of products with glitter. Now all that remains is for you to choose your favourites!

NOTE: colors may slightly differ from the image due to reflections


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