Dotting tool set off 5

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Double sided metal tip with acrylic handle in addition filled with beautiful rhinestones. This set contains 5 double sided ball stylus tools for your nail art projects. Use for making dots and marbleising nail arts, or use to sculpt and for instance to make indentations in your designs. This tool may certainly also be used for other types of art.

This Dotting Tool Kit contains five individually coloured handles which gives you six different sizes, one of which is oval.  You can furthermore create flowers and other designs on your nails by dipping the tip of the tool into UV gels and then dotting onto the nail.

After using, clean your dotting tool with a nail wipe and QD nails or hand sanitiser and store back in case.

Please remember to keep out of reach of children.

Sizes of dotting tools in the set

Every ball tool color has 1 end that measures 1mm as well as the other side ball size is as follows:
Firstly Clear crystal 3mm ball
Secondly Red crystal 2mm ball
Thirdly White 1.5mm ball
Fourthly Yellow 1mm oval ball
And lastly Aquamarine 0.5mm ball


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