Ocean Fresh Foot Mineral Bath 500g by QD Pedi Tech

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Ocean Fresh Foot Mineral Bath will leave tired feet feeling refreshed and renewed! But that is just the beginning of the story. With minerals from the Dead Sea to the Himalayas, Seaweed from our own South African coast and Thymol, as well as other rejuvenating ingredients, you and your clients are in for a real treat.


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What is in Ocean_Fresh Foot Mineral Bath

QD Pedi-Tech has always been relied on for excellent pedicure products that are both effective and healthy. Our fizzy foot spa is no exception. With no iodated salt at all plus naturally harvested west coast seaweed. Pure and natural salt from the Himalayas, Dead Sea and our own South African Oceans all with zero added Iodine are all blended in perfect harmony. Epsom salts, bicarbonate of soda are also an integral part of the blend.

Epsom salts kills and prevents bacterial and other infection, Thymol even more so. Together your feet will be clean and free of any bacterial, fungal or viral infection. Regular use will greatly assist prevention and cure of athletes foot too.

Citric Acid is an alpha hydroxy derived from the use of the acids in lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. Citric Acid exfoliates, which results in ridding of dead skin.

To top it off essential oils have been added. They are therapeutic and also assist in muscle relaxation as well as further fighting microbial infections.

How much is in each container?

Each container has 500g approximately of Pedi Tech Ocean Fresh. It also contains a scoop for easy dispensing.

Use of Ocean Fresh Fizzy Spa

As each receptacle or foot bath/spa is a different size caution should be taken to use the right amount. We suggest a 25ml scoop (included with each jar) per 1 l. This product contains no unnecessary ingredients and is thus tough and effective, no need to use too much. Once spa is completed we suggest our well loved QD Pedi-Tech beeswax heel balm to be applied.


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