Pedi-Tech Ikura biodegradable foot scrub

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Pedi-Tech Ikura Foot Scrub, made with the finest cosmetic ingredients, on its own it would be amongst the best creams around! With the addition of biodegradable, wax spheres it becomes probably the most outstanding scrub available.


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Pedi-Tech Ikura Foot Scrub

We are so excited to offer Ikura scrub. Ikura is the Japanese word for Caviar and our scrub is without doubt the caviar of scrubs! It offers a creamy exfoliation without the oiliness but with all the therapeutic benefits of a scrub plus a high quality cream. The added benefit is that its low oil structure will easily come off with water and thus not effect your pedicure service.

Why Is QD’s Scrub Different?

We all know the salt and sugar scrubs available today. They are nothing but salt/sugar and oil. This is so old school and we at QD felt there must be a better way. The great disadvantage of salt is that it only can work in oil, no water at all because water will quickly dissolve salt. This means an oily yet not very skin pleasing experience. Sugar has much the same problem with the added disadvantage of a short shelf life. Microbes just love sugar as it provide them with lots of nutrition.

The alternative? Our scrub uses wax spheres that are not only perfectly round, but also totally biodegradable. These offer many advantages, not least of which is less trauma to the skin. Salt and sugar are rough and damage to the sensitive skin on feet and legs is a danger our spheres are so perfectly round that damage is all but impossible. Furthermore because these spheres are not effected by liquid in cream, it is now possible to have a first class cream combined with a safe scrub.

High Quality Cream Base

The cream itself contains Coconut oil, Glycerine, Panthenol, Allantoin and a blend of essential Oils. This provides for moisturizing and pampering of the skin.

Add to that our patented wax spheres and pumice plus Urea and you have not only the perfect scrub but also an ideal blissful experience for the skin. Even better as it is a cream and not a heavy oil the scrub easily rinses off allowing for less chance of lifting during your pedicure service.


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