QD Thymol Solution 50ml

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QD Thymol solution, is an anti-fungal agent that destroys bacteria and prevents fungus from infecting the nail area. It comes with a convenient dropper for precise application.


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Ricardo Dias de Castro,corresponding author Trícia Murielly Pereira Andrade de Souza,Louise Morais Dornelas BezerraGabriela Lacet Silva FerreiraEdja Maria Melo de Brito Costa, andAlessandro Leite Cavalcanti in a study found that “Application of a topical antiseptic solution (4% thymol in chloroform, or in 95% ethanol) and/or a topical antifungal on the exposed nail bed may be useful”

QD Thymol is at a 5% concentration so is 20% stronger then the one studied.

How it works

QD Thymol  is a antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of and kills microorganisms. Some of the most common microorganisms are fungus, mould and other bacterial nail infections.

How to use QD Thymol Solution

Use provided dropper and Apply to the hyponichium and matrix areas before using nail prep. We do not reccomend this as an alternative to nail prep but rather as an add on item. . It may also be used to treat nail problems such as onycholysis. In this case use 3 times daily until condition improves.


For more stubborn conditions please see TNT+. Please consult a medical practitioner should the condition not clear.




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