Glass dish

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In this small, handy and easy to store Dappen Dish jar you can fill a wide variety of liquids that you deal with in your everyday work.

The glass is also used for nail modelling and nail art. For example, colours are mixed, acrylic liquids are mixed or disinfectants for direct disinfection of brushes and working materials are provided on the work table. So you see – with this glass you are well equipped for all work, both private and commercial. These glasses are very popular for the production of eyelash extensions.

Into this glass you can cleanly and easily pour the eyelash glue for the duration of an eyelash extension. This enables a simple and clean working method. The brush can easily be dipped into the liquid and the required amount can be taken up by the brush directly from the glass. If one would have to open the glue bottle first and then apply the glue to the brush, this is a rather laborious work.

Thanks to this container, the work has become much easier.


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