Million cuticle oil 12ml

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Million Natural Cuticle Oil is hand crafted in small batches, it contains no added preservatives. Blended from pure oils and essential oils. It contains some nut oils as well so may not be suitable for those suffering from nut allergy.


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Detailed description

Million Cuticle oil is used to moisturise and protect the nail and surrounding cuticles and skin. Made from natural essential oils, it is applied with a built in brush, on to the cuticles. It can be uses part a daily beauty regimen or during a manicure to prevent the skin from losing moisture.


Million Cuticle oil  is made with wheat germapricot kernel, neem oiljojobalemon balmrosemary oil, lavendar, calendula, argan and natural scent. The oil-based ingredients serve as emollients. They do not add water to the skin and therefore are not hydrating, rather they form a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss  this is why cuticle oil is known as a moisturizer. This keeps cuticles soft, preventing cracking and tears. Certain oils such as Neem oil also have antifungal properties, so they prevent nail infections.


Million comes with a built in brush. If you prefer you may apply using cotton wool or a small sponge. it’s also fine to apply the oil with a small sponge or cotton ball.

We suggest allowing to dry for a few minutes before touching clothes or hair.

How to use

Cuticle oil is needed as the final step of a manicure or pedicure. This will restore the cuticles after being cleaned pushed and moisturise the whole area.

Anyone may apply this product as part of their everyday nail care, before bed or as needed during the day.

Effect on Nail and Hand/Foot Appearance

Million Cuticle oil keeps the skin around nails soft and supple, preventing unsightly rips and infections. The nails look smooth and well-groomed as a result, which can make the entire hand or foot look as though it is well cared for.

Other Benefits

When used regularly, the retention of moisture and of course improvement in cuticle health can result in a reduction of nail pain. Million Cuticle Oil also can prevent nails from becoming overly brittle and breaking, allowing them to grow out.


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