UV/LED Fiber Gel Clear

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  • 30ml
  • 50ml
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Detailed description

Novelty that truly deserves to be part of your collection!

  • ideal for the most complicated nail restoration
  • perfect for strengthening natural nail
  • creates rigid frame due to fibers
  • excellent for extension nails correction
  • works with any type of nail plate
  • easy to work with due to medium viscosity, doesn’t leak or run

Why it works:

Smallest particles of fibres in gel perform same function as metal fittings inside concrete – they decrease stretching and compressive pressure in the design, making it more flexible and resistant to loads, increases cushioning and that’s why this gel become stronger and more versatile!

Fiber Gel does not crumble or cracks even in thin application (strengthening of natural nail), it bands with the natural nail and bounces back into shape1

IMPORTANT: requires a base coat


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