Spider gel (silver)

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5ml, available colours: Black, White, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold and Metallic Rose Gold.


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Web Gel Metallic Silver (spider), allows accurate, precise and straight lines…..IN SECONDS!! Get ready to improve your artistry and creativity, design and execute flawless designs and impress your clients!

Web Gel is a glorious and easy way to way to create an awesome  manicure every time! Blended to have a rubbery texture and luxurious consistency. Using web Gel you will add thin and straight lines, with German precision, in an instant. Easy and precise application is at the end of your brush. All it takes is a small amount of gel which can be applied by brush or dotting tool.

Just the thing for:

Beginners to professionals, this amazing product will satisfy all types of users create imaginative, geometric patterns.

Web gel is going to turn your treatment around and delight your clients. Even with advanced designs web gel will be exactly right.

Web gel is flexible and sticky. It is available Black, White, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold and Metallic Rose Gold.

It allows you to do perfectly straight and perfectly executed lines in just a moment.

Web Gel is rich and dense with amazing tactility, allowing the artist to connect and create a line in seconds. Suitable to apply over UV gel polish, gel builders, acrylic and even other forms of art such as cel phone covers etc.
Just the thing for your own nail designs and projects. Design your art, your way!

How to use web gel:

A stunning product for techs with little styling experience or seasoned  professionals who want to drastically reduce the duration of geometric decorations.

The product can be applied over gel polish, UV gel or acrylic, and then just secure it with Top Coat.

After prep and primer, apply base coat, dry in an UV nail lamp

Next apply gel polish, again curing  with your UV nail lamp.

Using a brush or dotting tool lift a small amount of product,  apply the Web (spider) Gel white onto the nail, drag with a single continuous movement from your starting point to another point. Utilise this elastic gel to draw geometric and other pattern on the colour gel, cure with an UV the nail lamp

Spider Gel does not have dispersion, so you do not have to cover it with top. This decorative gel cures in both LED or UV lamp.


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