UV/LED Sculpting art gel #17

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Lilac, 5g jar


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Art Gel is similar to our previous 3d sculpting gels. What has change? Well technology moves on and this product is amazing! The colours are brighter and more vivid. Most importantly is that it is far easier to work with than any previous sculpting gel. You can create all types of nail art easily! Gorgeous, functional and so colourful, that is new generation 4D sculpting gels.

About New Generation 4D sculpting gel
with the pace that technology in the nail industry is moving, we are proud to introduce something a little special. 4D sculpting gel gel, is high in pigment, charming and has amazing effect after you apply. it requires no top coat either.
The Quality Of New Generation 4D Sculpting Gel is without question, with GMP, MSDS, SGS CPNP Certification it is top quality.

A few features:

  1. This gel comes in classics colours, Bright and full of pigment; uncompromising colour and luster
  2. Is Easy to apply, smooth; use a brush to apply evenly and smoothly.
  3. The gel is very adhesive and Lasts at least 4 weeks on the nail
  4. With Ideal hardness; No nicks and no chips are what you can expect
  5. Beside this it is not harmful, contains no poison.
  6. It also easy to cure by UV lamp or led lamp
  7. What’s more, it is environmentally friendly.
  8. in addition, it is a 10 free formula without Formaldehyde and Toluene or Phthalate (DBP)
  9. Finally, it contains natural pigments and is not tested on animals

Application of New Generation 4D Sculpting Art Gel:

  • Step1 Use cleanser to wipe the nail and buff the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry
  • Step2 Apply a layer of QD base coat, then cure
  • Step3 Apply Gelina gel polish and cure
  • Step4 take some 4D sculpting gel.Create your desired art shape and cure


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