Gelina acrylic gel glide liquid

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Acrylic/Gel Blue Glide Liquid smells like gorgeous soap, clean and delightful. Use in conjunction with Gelina acrylic gel or Fox Profi Makeup Gel to perfectly sculpt overlays and fills.

Suitable for shaping AcryGel, Acrylic Gel, Polygel, Makeup gel etc. This special  liquid makes it easier to create the structure for your nails. Safe and compliant: The solution is completely safe as it is free from harmful substances (10-Free).

Use: Pour a small amount of Slip Solution into a jar. Dip the nail brush into the liquid and shape the Spheric acrylic gel previously applied on the nails. Finally, cure under a lamp and finish with a file.

QD Blue Glide Liquid  is best solution for polygel nails in the nail industry. Designed for creating beautifully shaped nails in no time. It eliminates friction therefore reducing drag when you’re brushing and shaping the nail. The QD Glide Liquid is available in a 250ml bottle. It will not activate curing so the nail will not dry too quickly. It allows you to gently position the Acrylic Gel into place and prepare the nail so it looks as natural and realistic as possible before it dries. It’s also has a wonderful fresh odour.
Our new formula contains microscopic balls that makes positioning even easier. This revolutionary formula is available at a very reasonable price!

Acrylic/Gel Blue Glide Liquid Details

  • Eliminates friction
  • Drag-free
  • Doesn’t activate curing
  • Glides Acrygel into place
  • Completely safe
  • Has a wonderful fresh odour


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