Pink square buffers

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Buffer sanding block files grit manicure nail art tips tool

A handy little nail art tool to buff and shape up uneven nail surface before UV gel and acrylic application. It’s rough enough to file down acrylics or gels.

4 Side sanded surface: (Buffer Blocks)

The white block is a 4 sided buffer. The same roughness on the 4 side of the item, and the abrasive is coated directly to the sponge. Convenient to use.


The sanding block is a good grooming tool for acrylic nails, false nail tips, natural nails; Suitable for nail salon, makeup studio or home use.


Quantity: 3pcs

Colour: Specify on check out

Material: sponge

Size: 9.3 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm




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