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  • 180/240
  • 80/100
  • 100/150
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Detailed description

Without doubt the one item every single nail tech uses is the humble nail file. Generally you will have a few different grits.

What matters is the paper and with our budget files the paper is good quality but at a low price.

No more excuses to buy low quality. With these you can use and dispose without guilt.

The numbers refer to how course the grit is on the nail file surface.If both numbers are the same then both sides have the same grit- if the two numbers are different then both sides have different grit.

For example, a 180/180 grit file means both sides are the same and that there is 180 grit on 1square cm. A 100/180 grit file on the other hand, will have one side with a coarser grit than the other.

  • The higher the number, the softer the file grit;
  • The lower the number, the coarser the file grit

80/80 grit

Used for heavy product removal (the sharpest file you can find on the market). However, bear in mind that you should never overfile the nail, so don’t use 80 grit when the product is very thin or on the natural nail. Also remember that gel is easier to file than acrylic, so reduce the pressure adequately.

100 grit

Used to take the length down and to shape side walls and free edge.

150 or 160 grit

Use to file nail surface and to shape the whole nail. You can also use it to blend tips to the natural nail and to remove any lifting prior to new product application.

180 grit

Use to contour the whole nail; to prep natural nail before applying any product and also during manicure to shorten or shape natural free edge.

240 grit

Use to prep nails especially before UV gel polish application due to its low corrosive surface.


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