E-file white zebra sanding pads #80-180

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Grid #80 (coarse)

Grid #180 (medium)

50pcs in a box


  • #180
  • #80
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Detailed description

Zebra Replacement Sanding Bands. Simply push on and pull off once used. Easy to replace simple to use. A low priced and fantastic quality item.

Each pack of replacements consists of 50 brand new bands. They are constructed of Japanese white zebra the very highest quality available. This system provides ultimate infection control easily and without a time consuming sterilisation and cleaning process.


To use gently pull used band off. Thoroughly and disinfect. Finally push on a new band. Your customers are assured of a hygienic and accurate service.


Product for use on nail area only. Please check before use for damage. Always wear goggles when using. This product is for professional use only. If dropped, first check for damage and discard if damaged. Keep out of reach of children. Disinfect after every use.


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