E-file sanding band mandrel

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1 gold steal mandrel (in a plastic container)


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Sanding Band System Mandrel, Used for shaping, removal and so much more. Gold metal. Fine quality mandrels made of high quality alloy. A must for any nail technician. Designed for an easy on and off action.

These are gold metal mandrels, designed for holding sanding bands. Most bands will fit, however we suggest only using QD Zebra bands as they are quite simply the best you can get. Each Mandrel is Grooved both top and bottom for great grip.


Sanding bands are not included. Product for use on nail area only. Please check before use for damage. Always wear goggles when using. This product is for professional use only. If dropped, first check for damage and discard if damaged. Keep out of reach of children. Disinfect after every use.


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