Mani/pedi e-file bit #3

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White tapered barrel, medium fine grit


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Mani-Pedi Efile Bit No.3 These bits are ceramic and gently remove dead skin and smooth nail surface. Suitable for both manicure and pedicure.

Mani-Pedi Efile Bit No.3

A universal and reliable bit made out of ceramic. This will do a great job of removing excess dead skin.The shape is tapered which allows for a precision when working near cuticle area.

Features a 100% accurate handle shank diameter. Clean and remove dead skin from the cuticle and sides.This is a professional nail drill bit for nail art efile macjines. Convenient small size and cuspidal design make it easier to remove the dead skin near your cuticles and sides of the nail plate.

Mani-Pedi Efile Bit No.3 details

Brand: QD mani pedi

Model Number:no3




Model: No3 mani pedi

Nail Drill Bit Shape: Tapered

Type: Electric Manicure Drill

Color of Bit Head: White

Size of Bit Head: Approx. 15 * 2.34mm

Weight of Drill Bit: Approx. 1.1g

NOTE:-Please check before use for damage. Always wear goggles when using. This product is for professional use only. If dropped, first check for damage and discard if damaged. Keep out of reach of children. Disinfect after every use.


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