E-file drill bit diamond cuticle burr #12

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Perfect for cuticle and dead skin removal.


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12-Diamond-burr Ø3.0 mini-barrel fine.These are all for cuticle, a selection to suit your preference.

The 12-Diamond-burr Ø3.0 mini-barrel fine has been designed to assist with dead skin. The QD diamond bit is also great for cuticle removal around the nail wall and cuticle area. The12 diamond bit has a fine grit and consequently does not require very high speed to operate.

The QD Diamond Cuticle bit is firstly made from premium quality diamond. The QD Diamond burr is designed for gently removing the build up of dead skin from the cuticle and side area. This bit is a far better alternative to using a regular file and can get to the harder to reach areas like the sidewalls. Our QD bit can also be used to clean under the nail plate and remove product lift from around the cuticle area. Use this bit as part of your prep before applying acrylic, gel polish, builder gel, or any other gel polish products.

NOTE:- Product for use on nail area only. Please check before use for damage. Always wear goggles when using. This product however is for professional use only. If dropped, first check for damage and discard if damaged. Keep out of reach of children. Disinfect after every use.


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