E-file drill bit 60* chamfered carbide bit medium

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Recommended to smooth acrylic nail or remove gel.


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Chamfered carbide_bit medium 60˚, Good for removing product without fear of cutting your clients. Carbide bits are made of metal with grooves cut into it. They seem to have the longest life.

QD have introduced the latest design of safe barrel bit with chamfer. A barrel bit has a sharp edge to clean and prepare the cuticle area. However an inexperienced nail technician may get nails bloody and damage cuticles, when using tradition barrel bits with sharp edges. Changing to a safety bit or dulling sharp edges with file is how many techs try to overcome this problem. However this method is very unprofessional and certainly one will be disappointing with how its shape turns out. You are also no doubt, going to get tired and frustrated of dulling the sharp edge with a nail file. safety bits are great too but do not allow one to get as close to the cuticle as is desired.

Chamfer Bit with plane: 45° Angle * 0.6mm plane. The plane allows bits to have visible safe edges.
These bits are made to a high degree of precision and thus allow you to correctly clean and clean as you wish. Safely and efficiently without damaging clients cuticle area. Our beloved clients no longer need to waste their time attempting to get this effect with a nail file anymore!


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