E-file drill bit 3/32″ torch cylinder – fine

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Medium grid ceramic bit for gel removal.


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Ceramic bit torch cylinder Fine suitable for thinning product as well as hyper-keratosis. Ceramic nail bits are created using the strongest and toughest Zirconia ceramic. They are extremely durable and resist acid, alkili, heat as well as bacteria.

Made of high quality, durable ceramic material this bur withstands the thickest and toughest of nails without breaking. This bit has a 3/32 inch diameter of the shank making it compatible with most leading nail drills. Uses of thi bit include removal of excess or dead skin and to buffing and shaping of nails.

Ceramic Bit flame Medium is a tapered barrel with a rounded tip for increased safety. The small circumference allows you to get right into the groove walls and cuticle allowing you to gently touch the natural cuticle and bevel the product perfectly smooth down to the natural nail. This bit also may prep the artificial enhancements at the cuticle area for fills as well. It can also be used for surface work on smaller nails.

Ceramic nail drill bit offers safety and reduces heat burn; easily cleaned with steri tech products. They also rust-proof

This type of burr does not require much pressure top operate effectively. Removes gel nails down in seconds.

You will receive 1fine grit nail bit in its case for storage

Nail drill bit for E file: Replacement 3/32 Inches size for most electric nail files machine, manicure and pedicure salon accessories for nail beauty and care

Grit (Coarseness)

Color lines indicate the coarseness of your burr. Simply put the grit is how “rough” your burr is.  You can easily tell the difference using the colours.

Yellow is X fine, Red is fine, blue is medium, green is coarse, black is extra coarse, yellow/orange xx coarse and killer 3X coarse is pink.

These colours are by international convention and will always be as per the above.

This is so important to be aware of in understanding Efile bits and their uses.

When to Replace Efile Bits

Your bits and burrs unfortunately also get old and tired. As Albert Einstein used to say, “replacing old and sub standard tools is what separates the good from the great” Well actually he never said that but you can be sure he would have if he had been asked.

An overly vibrating handpiece is very often caused by  a drill bit that is no longer balanced.

To check when your bit is damaged or overly worn, check that the shank and its head are in alignment. Best tool for this are your eyes. Do an eyeball check on your bits while they’re spinning to see if they are truly spinning straight or if they are whipping around like a lasso. If you see a sort of blurry ring around a bent bit while it’s spinning fast then you will know the terrible truth. Some will say It’s ok to use them a while longer. However if I agreed with them, we’d both be wrong.

Another way to check for a bent or warped burr is to roll it on a flat surface. Place it in a piece of glass, a tile or even a kitchen counter. Gently roll it with your hand. If the burr is bent you will easily be able to tell.

NOTE: Product for use on nail area only. Please check before use for damage. Always wear goggles when using. This product is for professional use only. If dropped, first check for damage and discard if damaged. Keep out of reach of children. Disinfect after every use.



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