E-file drill bit multi tapered diamond coated medium (left or right handed)

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Available in left and right handed. Recommended for acrylic.


  • Left handed
  • Right handed
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Detailed description

Multi Diamond Coated Coarse Efile burr. Latest and certainly the greatest! 4 Different bits in 1. Available in right hand as well as left hand (the choice is yours). **The great news is that this bit has been even further enhanced and is now “double diamond”. It is black as the image shows and will last even longer**

QD have introduced the latest design of bit 4 in a single incredible quality burr. A tapered barrel bit which has a sharp edge to clean and prepare the cuticle area. Add to this a tapered barrel offering three different grits.

Tapered barrel, at the top has a specially designed face to clean dead skin and assist in preparing cuticle area. Then below that the grit is fine perfect for polishing and finishing. Next is a coarse area great for polishing and more delicate shaping. Lastly is an area of coarse for shaping and even removal. Why change bits constantly when you can use just this one?
Best of all is that this bit has a diamond like coating, the strongest coating yet. This allows it to last 2 to 3 times longer.

Available in left and right handed:

We know how difficult it is for left handers to find bits and burs. This one has a left handed version just for you.


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