How our online education works?

This is a great option for those of you who cannot travel and now have the option to study remotely.

The lessons are available whenever it is convenient for you.
You immediately gain access to several lessons and can view them any number of times aand any time you wish.

Some lessons contain practical assignments that you need to complete.

The lessons will only become available after the previous lesson’s assignments and tasks are completed. You have to complete one to get another.

You choose your own time to complete the tasks.

You need to take photos of your work and upload them to your account in order for me to check and mark them.

You need to present each task on a white background with good lighting and all homework with tips in order to recieve your certificate. Only once I have checked your work you will recieve your certificate.

I will evaluate the results, make comments and point out mistakes (if any) and will accept the assignment or ask you to try again.

You are constantly in touch with me. I always answer questions from all the students.

Take your time completing the tasks, please not rush.

Spend as much time as you need on the assignments. We will prolong your access by 1 week (only in specific circumstances)
At the end of the course, when all your tasks are completed, you will be given access to the Test Lesson which is the final evaluation of the knowledge gained during the course.
After the Test is passed successfully you will get the numbered Certificate, written in your name.


How to Apply

choose your required course and only once payment reflects in our account you will be automatically enrolled. You will then receive an invitation via your email. You will then be required to set up your login. Make sure you remember these login details. Go can then login anytime after that.

The course must be completed within 2 months.

You can pay for the course via EFT of pay fast within South Africa or PayPal if international.


The relationship between the teacher and her students is very important to A. Fox. Alina is here to support and encourage you as students entering the beauty industry.

For those of you who are experienced nail technicians, our courses aim to help you expand your skills and break out of your comfort zone.

Never compare yourself to other students Each student is unique and differs from each other.
Be patient with the completing of your tasks as learning is a process.

It takes time to check each task and we ask for your patience.
When deciding to do a course with us please ensure that you have adequate time to complete the course.

The course is here to encourage you and ensure your commitment and teach you efficient time management, that is required within this industry.

If you have personal issues that arise during the completion of the course and you are unable to complete it. You will be required to pay a fee and then will be able to complete the course when is suitable for both you and the teacher.
The fee is 30% of the course of each month that passes.

List of needed products and supplies can be found in the course description.

I would like to say that we appreciate you and we strive towards improving you as students and improving myself as a teacher.

Traditional beauty education can be very costly and this option provides you with an affordable and convenient way of gaining your certificate in beauty.

I also value your feedback and comments throughout the course.