Peach facial cleansing mousse

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Advanced oil-water separation formula, in just one pump, this fresh liquid transforms into a rich foam cleanser.

It effectively removes makeup and deeply cleanses, purifies and refreshes the skin.

Peach cleansing foam is a rich cleanser with a sweet peach nutrition and scent, gently and effectively removes dirt, oil and daily build-up to leave your skin feeling light as air.

Infused with vitamins, peach extract, to deeply cleanse without damaging or over drying skin.

Why choose Alina Fox?

At Alina Fox we are passionate about sourcing the newest and latest trends in nail art and all beauty and art products. Our mission is to find only the best quality and as we import direct and not through a brand overseas we can also supply at fair prices. We love nail art and it is something that never stops growing. Alina Fox does not wait for trends to come and go. Our overseas sourcing agents are always finding new and exciting trends. This will give you the ability to always be cutting edge in all things nails, art and beauty!

Alina Fox prides themselves in stocking only great products from all around the world. We truly believe that no one factory can make everything well and for this reason we have dozens of suppliers and factories ensuring only the finest and best of everything.

We are a truly global brand with our number one priority being you the customer!

Please Note!Our products Should only be used as described. Alina Fox assumes no responsibility for the use of the products in any way other than that recommended by us or the designated technicians / representatives. We do not guarantee the compatibility of our products with other brands.

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