8D magnetic lashes

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Magnetic Eyelashes: This magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner kit can enhance the eye’s beauty, which is ultra soft, long-lasting, smudge resistant, and waterproof. It’s wearable from day to night, brings out the best in one’s eyes.

High Strength Magnets: The liquid eyeliner kit contains ultra-fine magnetic particles, and the eyelashes are embedded with tiny high-strength magnets, which makes you more easily to apply, and comfortable enough to wear during the day.

Safety & No Glue: This magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner that made of high quality safe ingredients by FDA approved, no latex, and allergy free. Minimizes irritation to your eyes and also prevents any damage to your natural eyelashes.

Use Easier Than Other Eyelashes: Just two steps, firstly you need to apply the magnetic eyeliner as same as other liquid eyeliner, after dry, wear the magnetic eyelash right on top of it finally. Specially designed alloy applicator for magnetic eyelashes makes it easier to wear. Even beginners can do it easily.

Reusable Eyelashes: The magnetic eyelashes can be used for many times with proper use and storage. It can help you to save money and more environmentally friendly.


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