QD 3D Acrylic brush #4

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Pure kolinsky.

Lakutina design.


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Detailed description

Kolinsky 3D Art Nailbrush #4 features 100% pure, handmade bristles for premium performance. Oval, pointed as well as flat, this brush is designed to take up Monomer perfectly. Designed by Alina_Fox and Elena Lakutina for precision 3D art. The bristles are therefore hand made perfectly because this allows you to perform 3D art a lot easier.

Some Helpful Tips On Choosing A Brush

There is far more to creating the ideal nail extension than just simply technique. That said correct technique is vital however the right tools will prove invaluable in assisting you to create better results. As you begin to practice you will usually be using the brush that came included with a starter kit you may received from a school. However as you become more experienced and better at application, you will likely have a preference for a different brush which  better suits your style of working.

Should you use the same brand brush and acrylic?

QD does recommend this however not because as so many will tell you “the brush and acrylic have been made to work well together”, no we think that is not really true. In fact the best reason is that if you want assistance or are having a problem the supplier can be sure it is not another product and better assist you.

Why Select A QD Brush

Our brushes are 100% pure Kolinsky, they absorb monomer just right and make lifting powder much easier. They are pretty, made to do the job and reasonably priced. These are all competition standard and will work great in a salon.

Cleaning And Breaking In

With any natural hair brush, it is essential to maintain the brush with correct cleaning after every acrylic application. This is to avoid the brush becoming stiff and damaged.


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