Vitamin base

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UV/LED Vitamin Base. Perfect consistency, non runny, base coat. ideal for weak and thin nails. UV/LED Vitamin Base guarantees perfect adhesion of your gel polish manicure for longer lasting results.


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This base coat contains vitamin E, B5 and calcium to stimulate the growth of your natural nails. Qd’s Vitamin Base also prevents discoloration and staining of your nails. Cures in a UV lamp in 1 minute or LED lamp for 30 seconds nail lamp.

Unique gel polish base coat that combines 2 important functions.

Aids in nail plate reconstruction
Increases gel polish time, up to 4 weeks
Vitamin base is for clients whose nails are weak, overly flexible, cracked and generally prone to breakage. Vitamin base is a unique and marvelous invention in the constant battle against damaged nails. UV/LED Vitamin Base is fortified with a vitamin blend and it is sure to provide a longer wearing time. Vitamin base contains vitamins E, B5 and Calcium. When vitamin E is lacking, nails become weak, dry. They will also lose their natural shine, they begin to break and the natural colour alters. Vitamin E restores damaged nails, destroys as well as protects against many harmful substances. Calcium is essential to strengthen nailsthey will become stronger and and more even.


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