Acid and Hema free Primer (step 2)

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New improved formula- Acid and Hema free


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Step 2 Ultraprimer is low odour, methacrylic acid free primer. It is safer than acid primer without sacrificing adhesion to the natural nail. Works for both gel and acrylic systems. Will not burn natural nail or cuticles. This is vital to any nail service, no matter which product you use. Primer alters PH and prepares the nails for what comes next. Without it lifting is a definitely probable.

Acid Free Ultraprimer/Bonder step 2

Step 2 Ultraprimer is used to gently dehydrate and alter the PH. Use for better adhesion for gel, acrylic and glued tips. . Apply Nail Pimer step2 to dehydrate and gently prepare the nail plate for whaever comes next. Nail bonder  is formulated with ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and isopropyl alcohol as well as many special preparing, non hazardous gentle ingredients. How do these ingredients work? Once they come in contact with the nail plate, they alter the PH to one which gels and acrylics love. By doing this, the gel doesn’t have to overcome bonding issues so it may last far longer.

How to use QD Acid Free Ultraprimer/Bonder step 2

Apply ultraprimer  to fix PH and cleanse the nail plate. Bonder  is constructed with ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and isopropyl alcohol plus our secret, propriety blend of special, non hazardous ingredients. What is the point of all this? Nails naturally have a different PH to what the gel is meant for, this causes lifting. Simple acetone or alcohols do not work well either. This is because these will not effect PH. What you need is a combination of the perfect ingredients. Once they come in contact with the nail plate, they draw out moisture and oil like a sponge, totally removing them and changing the PH of the nail. Hence by doing this, the primer can do it’s magic.


Ultraprimer BonderIs There Anything more Vital To Your Nail Service? Particularly in the adherence of Base Coat and Top Coat for Gel Polish Nails and acrylic powder and liquid? That is easily answered and the answer is a big unqualified YES! Lets examine this game changing product to see why.

Primer has a very different function to Nail Prep, it does however also aid in degreasing. That is the only thing these products have in common. It has been specially formulated to facilitate and promote adhesion of Base Coat and Top Coat for Gel Polish Nails as well as Acrylic Powder and Liquid to the nail.

Like so many other nail products Primer was taken from the dental industry. It is important to know this as many other products use a primer, these are completely different products and work entirely differently. Nail primer is safe for human contact.

How it works.
There is a lesser known name for this product “Adhesion Promoter Primer”, probably the chemists in the factory producing it refer to it in this way. This name really says it all. This is the “double sided tape” holding everything together.

Firstly Primer bonder further degreases. Its next task vitally, is is to modify the pH of the nail bed. The pH of natural nails is in no event correct for good adhesion. This is made worse by the fact that at different time of the month the pH may well be different. Pregnancy also cause pH to change. Your Ultraprimer Bonder sorts this out.

QD Ultraprimer Bonder causes a temporary change in the pH of the natural nail (which is slightly acidic) to make it closer in pH to that of the product (highly alkaline). This pH change helps the product adhere. The nail will eventually returns to its natural pH level as the product evaporates, and the adhesive strength of the primer diminishes so if your application takes longer than about 15 minutes, prime one hand at a time.

Furthermore it bonds with the keratin of the actual nail bed. The Ultraprimer Bonder then leaves a portion of itself above the nail bed, this then bonds to your base coat or acrylic.

Now we can see that the primers ultimate job is to join two surfaces together that normally would not stick together. Nail enhancements and natural nail beds are exactly that, two surfaces that will not naturally bond together.

The Secret is in the Ingredients
Not by coincidence many of the chemicals and other resins in primer and bonder are not so very different from what’s in your gel and acrylic products. Just a few changes are made to enable it to act as an adhesive. This is the secret which makes this product work.

Acid free vs Acid Ultraprimer-bonder.

The acid in acid primer etch the surface to allow a product or coating to seep into the cracks and grab hold . That is to say they actually make small holes in your nail. The base coat or acrylic sinks into those holes and holds tight.

Acid-based primers do contain methacrylic acid which make a hydrogen bond with the nail and a stronger chemical linked bond with the product on top of it.

Acid free primers create a similar bond without causing micro pitting of the nail. This product acts as a double-sided adhesive for gel and acrylic.
Both sides of primer’s molecules create chemical bonds between the nail plate and enhancements.

Final Thoughts
It is now clear that primer or bonder is very necessary and helpful even vital in preventing lifting. Our opinion is that acid free is better even for acrylic. There are those who say for acrylic acid primer works better. This is simply not true acid free will certainly work perfectly. QD Ultra primer Bonder works wonderfully for any nail extension be it gel, gel polish, hard/builder gels, acrylic powder and liquid even acrylic gel. It is perfect for gel polish nail art.

A word of advice. When filling outgrown gel polish or acrylic you need only prime on the natural plate. Finally always keep primer tightly closed, it is alcohol based and will evaporate.


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