Aquarelle Gel Yellow

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Aquarelle Gel

Water marble nails, very trendy when it comes to nail art fashion. These beautifully delicate smoke-like marbling and shading are super easy to create at home. Create a wonderful watercolor effects on  nails with QD Aquarelle. Upgrade your solid color nails to unique blooming patterns with this easy-to-use gel.This product will certainly help you to create unique marble nail designs without the mess.

How To Apply Aquarelle Gel

1.Apply Base Coat & Cure.
2. Add white or light colour gel Polish then cure.
3. Apply Mate Topcoat & Cure.
4. Use your Aquarelle colours, and make your dots, lines and whatever else you fancy as desired.
5. Fill a  dish with Alcohol based sanitiser or glide liquid. Take a brush dipped into it. Work the gel with a pushing rubbing motion to create your desired design.
6. Allow to air dry.
7. Finish with top coa and Cure.

Product Description

Brand: QD

Type: Aquarelle Gel

Color:12 Colors to choose from


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