QD Acrylic overlay #33

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Overlay colours, specifically designed, with just the right amount of pigment for overlay. This is a unique and magnificent product your clients will love them.

Your work makes you unique. If you did them just the same as everyone else, then you just would not be YOU!  You understand that to be in demand your nail service and nail applications must make an impact. They need to scream amazing!. Therefore it is most fortunate that QD has developed a totally unique range of overlay colours. Utilising the best quality colour overlay acrylic powders. Our spectacular factory situated in the USA produces for our brand simply the best overlay acrylic powders you can find. So you can produce the amazing acrylic nail applications and nail enhancements you want! QD colour acrylic overlay powders are thoroughly tested to ensure you get the gold standard in not only colour but clarity, strength, retention, non-yellowing and non-bubbling finish you need to create your most amazing colour acrylic nail enhancements.

So many colours!

We have so many different colours allowing you the room to express yourself. Want to create a one of a kind deep and modern look? We’ve got countless shades of red, black, purple and more colour acrylic overlay powders. Maybe colour acrylic with whole lot of bling and a sparkle? Or are you after a shade that will stop passers by as well as your competition with one a single look? You can with QD overlay colours! Welcome to overlay heaven. All that remains is for you to pick the colour that you love.

All our  wide ranging overlay colours may be used in combination with our equally fantastic monomers. Durable long lasting colours just what you have been looking for.

QD acrylic overlay has been sculpted over forms then finished with QD Carbyne top coat, for all photos.

Please be aware that these photos, whilst of the exact product you will receive, may not appear exactly as the pics. It is impossible to do these colours true justice in a photo and they will of course be slightly different depending on your screen.


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