Acrylic mini kit

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Create amazing acrylic nails for your clients

Using our M2 Acrylic Kit of professional acrylic nail powders and liquids. Qd’s high quality polymers and monomers are Imported from the best factories in the U.S.A thus they guaranteed  to offer a professional nail finish every time.

Nail techs designed Q2 acrylic powder and scientists buit it. When you combine our Premium polymers and monomers, certainly you will love your job more than you already do! Our self-leveling products offer superior control and expert work-ability for that reason It will not run into the cuticles and offers a creamy, controlled application. No need to over work this product – relax and let it do the work for you!

When properly applied, QD acrylic has superior strength and bonding that will virtually eliminate any breakage and lifting.

Q2 Powders

QD acrylic powder is a great choice for any nail professional. Your client will get the perfect job, as to avoid discolouration, colour stabilisers are added and an advanced formula that provides outstanding adhesion to the nail. Consequently you are able to create a fabulous manicure for your client that’s sure to last.

M2 Acrylic liquid

Our M2 Liquid monomers are available in 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml. looking for a great medium set? QD M2 is for those who would prefer to work at a medium pace.

M2 Acrylic Kit professional acrylic kit

You will find all you need in our M2 kit. Filled with whatever you may desire for that reason you will want to try our high class acrylics. Includes M2 monomer (medium speed), Q2 clear (medium speed), Q2 diamond clear, (medium speed), Q2 competition white (medium speed). Small cuticle oil, prep and primer also included are10 of our very popular forms designed by Alina.


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